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Stefan Powell - Leadership, Business, Transition and Career Coach

Even a small boat with a big heart can cross a big ocean...

I'm an executive coach with senior leadership experience; working with all levels of leadership across a plethora of topics.


I specialise in working with leaders seeking to deliver lasting change and who need to 'break through' the ceiling they've reached to deliver something truly outstanding.

If you're stuck and unsure how to take your career and ambitions forward; I can and will help you to find a way forward and having set up The Freshwater Coffee House - Ranked in the Top 4 Coffee Houses in the UK via Tripadvisor in 2021 I can help you to clarify your proposition, ambitions and deliver business success.


In addition to running The Little Boat IOW and completing commissions, I also home educate our 9 year old and 4 year old and so I now work with a select number of clients at a reduced hourly rate. 

Why a reduced fee...

I love working with those who are committed to 'putting in the hard work' they need to to make change happen. I tend to find that those who pay their own coaching fees are more committed - but I am open to working with those whose organisation funds their coaching.


In addition; as a full time, home educating, dad - I have less flexibility and so I consider your flexibility to be a major factor too.

I guarantee you will still get a 5 star coaching experience.

Let's chat...

If you'd like to know more; here's my coaching profile including some testimonials as well as an outline of how our coaching could work and costings


Fancy a chat - drop me a note here or click here for my contact page.

Stefan #littleboatcoaching

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