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Barista and Coffee Training with The Freshwater Coffee House Head Barista...

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Barista and Coffee Training 
With The Freshwater Coffee House - Head Barista 

From a bare shell, and within 3 years, we turned what was a betting shop into what is now the award winning The Freshwater Coffee House. In that time we have become known and celebrated for the taste and quality of our coffee and the development we've given our baristas.


Many who come to join us tell us about how much coffee they have made and how good they are. Let's just say - all have needed retraining in order to pass the The Freshwater Coffee House Coffee Seal of Approval.  

If you'd like to make award winning coffee, whether individual, organisation, cafe or coffee house let us know. Our rates are very reasonable and our training top notch; based upon what delivers a top notch coffee or loose leaf tea in a world class environment.

Training one to one or group based.

I look forward to hearing from you 

Stefan - Head Barista - The Freshwater Coffee House 

Barista Experience Testimonial

"I'd recommend this course because of (Stefan's) depth of knowledge, the simple steps he shared, his easy teaching methods and because it was great fun!"

Anthony Donohue (And Gill)

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