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Leave The Harbour - Helena Clayton

Leave The Harbour - Helena Clayton


Commissioned by Helena Clayton (twitter handle @HelanaClayton). Who was a delight to work with; clear on what she wanted but open to my interpretation.


This picture depicts a boat leaving the harbour inspite of what might lie ahead.


The words read  "a little ship in the harbour is safe; but thats not what ships were built for".


The words read: “even crossing a universe begins with a first step”.


£35 for a farmed 8.3” x 11.7” Print. Ask for alternate sizes and framing.


If you’d like a commission; get in touch - they usually take around a month to complete from initial request and discussion, through proofs to get it just right.


Once a print you have commissioned has been purchased 6 times - you - as the commissioner are eligible for a free 8.3” x 11.7” print from my standard little boat collection too.I love imagining the look on my clients faces when they receive them.


Get in touch via the website or


Stefan #littleboatdesigns

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