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Me and Ned on the Downs - Greg Hibbert

Me and Ned on the Downs - Greg Hibbert


Commissioned by @GregHib on Twitter - an avid Cyclist, Zwift bruiser and rider of Ned - a beautiful @northroadcycles bike built lovingly for Greg by the wonderful Ian, Jane and Ste in Manchester, England


The image is inspired by Greg's love of the Isle of Wight and has Greg superimposed on his favourite island spot - Tennyson Down.


£35 for a farmed 8.3” x 11.7” Print. Ask for alternate sizes and framing.


If you’d like a commission; get in touch - they usually take around a month to complete from initial request and discussion, through proofs to get it just right.


Once a print you have commissioned has been purchased 6 times - you - as the commissioner are eligible for a free 8.3” x 11.7” print from my standard little boat collection too.


I love imagining the look on my clients faces when they receive them.


Get in touch via the website or


Stefan #littleboatdesigns

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