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Co-Working Space 

Since the onset of pandemic; working from home is incredibly common.  

We have found in our own practise there are benefits including: reduced travel time, greater access to family and friends and greater flexibility to work at a time to suit you. 


Workbench Working


Communal Working

Soundproof Booth
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Working from home can also be problematic;

Often with little, or no defined designated workspace, working from home can be full of distractions that can prove detrimental to the work quality, we have all experienced this.

On top of this, working at home often means we struggle to have a clear distinction between work & home-life.

This is where The Little Boat comes in.


Situated in the heart of Freshwater you can sign up through Building 41's Scheme or via our own membership scheme:

  • Bronze - Up to 10 Days per month 9-5PM; weekdays 

  • Silver - Bronze - All working weekdays in a month 9-5pm; weekdays 

  • Gold - All working weekdays in a month 9-5pm; weekdays - for up to three members of your team.

  • Simply pay day-by-day (£8/4hours/Half Day) (£12/8hours/Full Day)

Stefan #thelittleboatiow

"Even a little boat with a big heart can cross a vast ocean" 

- Stefan Powell 

Coffee & Barista  

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Feeling better through the senses

 #thelittleboatiow came together during the Covid19 lockdown. 

Art as a way of relaxing, words as a way of coping, coaching as a way of helping others and coffee training as a way of empowering others to taste, make and serve great coffee as we do in our own coffee house; the award winning The Freshwater Coffee House on the Isle of Wight.


I've found the endeavour of The Little Boat incredibly rewarding and others have too; this site and all the work it represents exists in honour of the words I wrote to start it all "even a little boat with a big heart can cross a vast ocean'.

You can too.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, requests or commissions. 

Stefan #thelittleboatiow

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